You might not've meant to come here. If you just mangled 'facebook' on your tablet, your wondering what happened ...

"Fakebook" is a musician's term. It means a notebook, or sometimes just a bunch of scraps of paper, with notes about how to play certain songs. An accomplished musician can take a chord progression, a bit of melody, and some lyrics and use them to 'fake' a song he may just barely remember. Check out the Wikipedia article.

Chord charts, Lead sheets and their 21st Century equivalents, will always be needed, just now its on their 'Droid or iPhone. We hope to help discover new tools for these things. But we want to do something a bit more as well.

The Music Industry,which is used to being flush, is under great strain right now. CD sales and even MP3 downloads are a declining revenue stream. There really isn't any magic formula to success as there was in the past. So, today, all musicians are essentially 'faking it'. Trying to figure it out on the fly.

Sure, lots of folks will tell you they know what you need to do to be a star, but don't let them fool you, the don't. But they will take whatever they can from you.

Maybe this new music world order can't support as many millionaire stars as it did in the pre-internet days. But we're convinced that if we help each other, we can enable many musicians to make a good living out of their passion.

So, if you care to register for our site, we will keep you informed of developments.